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  1. Who is Steeped?
  2. Is Steeped Coffee instant coffee?
  3. Where can I try?

1) Who is Steeped?

Steeped Coffee creates a cup of quality coffee made in minutes, with no machines or equipment needed. All you need is hot water and your Steeped Coffee Bag. Best of all this cup comes sustainably made, bags that are made using a renewable, plant-based, non-GMO, certified commercially compostable material, which includes the filter, string, and tab.

2) Is Steeped Coffee instant coffee?

Single-serve steeped coffee is like instant coffee, but way better. Instead of stirring coffee directly into hot water, micro-ground beans are placed in a tea sachet which allows for better extraction of oils, flavors, and acids.

3) How is it brewed?

Follow the link for information on brewing: How to brew Steeped Coffee

4) Where can I try?

Red Bay Steeped Coffee Bags are available for purchase directly from

 If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our customer experience team!  hours: 9AM - 5PM, Mon-Fri, EST   email:

Oct 28, 2021

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