Coffee Story - Brazilian Cake Lady

Brazilian Cake Lady

Single Origin: Brazil
Region: Bahia
Processing Method: Pulp Natural
Ideal Brew Methods: Filtered Brew / V60

An ode to the Brazilian chocolate cake that fonder Keba Konte sold at his former café. It honors a local Brazilian baker whose baked goods always sold out before Keba could try a piece and he still dreams about it to this day.

The production method used is pulp natural processing. In this process, the ripe cherries are pulped and most of the mucilage remains close to the parchment, generating a clean and mild cup, with a pleasant acidity that is free from unripe beans and has characteristic sweetness. The coffee is pulped the same day to avoid the possibility of fermentation. It is then dried on the patio for a few days before it is placed in the mechanical drier to finish. The coffee is rested for 45-60 days and then sorted to eliminate defects before it is readied for export.

This coffee is ideal for a coffee drinker that enjoys a black coffee with crisp acidity and a sweet nutty finish.

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