Available Roasts

Our roasts range from medium to dark with the goal of creating a balanced and traditionally inspired cup. We source the highest quality and most complex coffees directly from the farmers. Our head roaster determined the roast and we typically roast at Medium because we never want to lose the inherent quality of our coffee.

These coffees are sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, Tanzania, Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia, Burundi.

Single Origin

Light Roast:

  • King's Prize - Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
  • Coltrane - Cauca, Colombia

Medium Roast

  • Brazilian Cake Lady - Bahia, Brazil
  • Motherland - Kayanza, Burundi

Dark Roast

  • East Fourteenth - Mbeya, Tanzania

Espresso Blends

  • Carver's Dream ( fruity notes ) - Burundi & Guatemala
  • Slow Burn ( earthy, nutty notes ) - Indonesia & Brazil


  • Ocho Libre ( Medium Roast ) - Colombia

Apr 26, 2021

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