Red Bay Coffee Espresso Blends

Red Bay Coffee has two signature espresso blends:

Carver's Dream

Origins: Guatemala / Burundi

If you like a few fruit notes in your cup. Blending both coffee from Burundi for fruity notes and Guatemala for nutty, earthy notes. Our Burundi Kamikazi Kinyovu micro-lot is women-produced by members of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance Burundi Chapter. This particular micro-lot was named “Kamikazi” by the farmers which translates to “Queens” in Kirundi, the native language of Burundi. Our Guatemala is from the La Ceiba, a collective of more than 40 indigenous Poqomam farmers from Palin. Red Bay Coffee and non-profit organization Farm2Cup have worked together for the past two years to help facilitate the export of La Ceiba's coffee, paying the farmers a fair price for the green coffee through a direct trade relationship.

Slow Burn
Origins: Brazilian / Sumatran

if you're typically into a dark roast, a cup with some earthy, nutty flavors. Blending both coffee from Brazil (Fazenda Serrinha farm) for a nutty, chocolatey base partnered with wonderful bold and earthy flavors from the Indonesian coffee. Additionally, The coffees produced at Fazenda Serrinha are Rainforest Alliance Certified, UTZ Certified, guaranteeing sustainable practices and social and economic benefits to the region of Cerrado Mineiro.

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