Coffee Story - Ocho Libre

Ocho Libre

Origin: Colombian
Region: Antioquia
Process Method: Natural Decaf / Sugar Cane

Ocho, Spanish for the number eight, is an auspicious number for the founder of Keba Konte. Libre means free in Spanish. Coffee without caffeine.

Coffee trees thrive in volcanic soil and a stable climate - the region of Antioquia provides just that! With year-long temperatures averaging between 75-80 degrees F., the warm valleys temper the cold Andean nights higher up. Ocho Libre is grown in the Antioquia region of Colombia at 1,800 meters. Producing mountain-grown coffee that's rich in flavor as the coffee ripens slower at this high altitude, resulting in a denser, richer bean.

Ocho Libre is processed by natural decaffeinated, also commonly referred to as sugar cane ethyl acetate (E.A.) processing. Learn more: Ocho Libre Decaffeinated Process

Ocho Libre is available for purchase on, in our cafes - for a complete list follow the link below!

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