How To Compost Your Biotre Coffee Bag

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  1. Why Biotre?
  2. How To Compost Your Biotre Coffee Bag

Why Biotre?

As a certified B Corporation, we are dedicated to a business that balances purpose and profit. Daily, we consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. These new Biotre bags from a company called Pacific Bag Incorporated are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. They are the best in the business and these bags are biodegradable (everything except the tie and the valve) and are made primarily of renewable wood pulp.

How To Compost Your Biotre Coffee Bag

1. Remove Zipper Tie

Once you've finished your bag, simply tear off your zipper tie

2.  Remove Valve

Freshly roasted whole beans release CO2 gas for some time after the roast. The degassing valve, located on the back of your bag, allows this gas to escape so that the bag doesn't inflate and explode. This one-way valve lets air out while keeping freshness in.

3. Recycle Valve & Zipper Tie

Unfortunately, valves and zipper ties are not yet compostable but can be recycled with you other plastics

4. Compost

The remaining bag material is 100% biodegradable. It can either be included with your curbside compost bin or, in your garden compost as the materials biodegrade and compost in the presence of active microbes in water and soil within a few months (estimated)

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