Coffee Story - East Fourteenth

East Fourteenth

Single Origin:  Tanzania
Region: Mbeya
Processing Method: Washed
Tasting Notes: blackberry, dark chocolate, date


E.14th pays homage to Oakland roots and the communities that RBC is proudly a part of. Now renamed International Boulevard, E. 14th st. runs through some of the most diverse communities in the Bay Area.  E14th exemplifies our mission to bring beautiful coffee with a mission to connect and empower our communities globally.

Sweet Unity Farms, is a co-op of 200 small family farms founded by David Robinson, son of the legendary Jackie Robinson. Growing up entrenched in the Civil Rights Movement, David was inspired to dedicate his life to the development of racial and human opportunity and, since 1989, has been involved in the development of Africa through sustainable agriculture.

In line with Sweet Unity’s mission, the farmers are members of the Mshikamano Farmers Group, a cooperative of small-scale, family-owned farms and associated Mbeya co-ops. The focus of this 47-member co-op, founded in 1996, is on education, solar energy use, and water usage development. Direct partnerships with coffee companies, such as Red Bay Coffee, are integral to the co-op’s goal to abolish poverty and underdevelopment

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