How do I change the frequency of my orders?

How do I change the frequency of my orders?

You can adjust the frequency of your orders at any time directly on Click on the "User Icon" at the top right corner of the homepage. Enter the self management portal and select your desired frequency. Please note that changing your frequency will automatically change your next order date. Click here for step by step instruction on changing your next order date.

What are the different frequencies for the subscriptions?

Our subscriptions can be set to 7, 14 and 30 day intervals. Please note that subscriptions can only be set to frequencies in weekly intervals.

Please note that all changes must be made by 5 PM EST the day prior to your order date. Changes made after 5 PM EST the day before your order date will not be saved and will not affect the order in progress.

Below are step-by step instructions on accessing the customer management portal to view and adjust subscription frequency.

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